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Managed Networking

We specialise in Network Installation, management and monitoring, keeping the back bone of your businesses up and running with minimum down time.

Design and Specification

Every business needs a reliable, stable network setup.  Setting up a network however, can be an expensive option and business managers need to have assurances that the productivity and capital gain will be worth the initial outlay. They also need to be certain that the network will efficiently handle the amount of traffic generated, as well as have capacity for future expansion if required. Whitebarn will take into account your current and future needs and design a network that fulfills them. Through using quality yet cost effective equipment, you will be provided with a network that is easily maintainable, extendable and reliable.

Installation and Upgrades

The installations that Whitebarn carry out are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, allowing your business to continue without disruption. Wherever possible work will take place during ‘out of office’ hours. Cable runs and equipment will be installed in the least visible locations. All aspects of the installation phase will be project managed efficiently and discussed with you at regular intervals. 

Managed WIFI

Whitebarn are certified Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admins and specialise in installing and managing Ubiquiti's UNIFI Range and control system giving our clients excellent WiFi coverage and much more:

  • enterprise grade WiFi

  • guest network  

  • internal & external installations 

  • social marketing guest portal for your venue 

  • onsite or cloud managed controller 

Network Diagnostics and Repair

Many offices struggle with inefficient networks, causing slow response times, inability to share information or software . Whitebarn are skilled at diagnosing network problems and advising you on how best those problems can be addressed. Using diagnostic equipment Whitebarn will examine your network traffic and pinpoint those areas that require attention.

Managed Wifi
Managed Networking
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