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Meet The Team



Our Director joined Whitebarn in 2008 following a successful stint at building his IT career in a support technician role started in 2002 .  He took over from the previous Directors as owner of the business in 2019 and has continued to develop Whitebarn's solid reputation, whilst expanding the services Whitebarn Offers.  Out of the office he enjoys spending time with his family, football, helping coach a youth football team, cricket and making many genres of music


Head of Network and Telephony

Our Head of Networking and Telephony joined Whitebarn shortly after our Director in 2008.  He was recently promoted to Head of Network and Telephony services, helping design and maintain small office to enterprise level infrastructures whilst striving to achieve success for our clients.   

Away from the Office, he enjoys model building and developing his ever growing knowledge of random.

Image by Koby Kelsey

Head of Accounts and Admin

She joined Whitebarn in the summer of 2019 and settled in very quickly.  Her customer relations and accountancy skills have been a key part of our recent success. 

Away from the Office, she enjoys spending time with her horses and family.

Image by Koby Kelsey

Accounts and Admin Assistant

She joined Whitebarn in 2012 and has always had a good rapport with our customers.  During the past 12 years she has built up an excellent understanding of the companies admin and accounts.

Away from the office, she enjoys spending lots of time with her family.

Image by Koby Kelsey

AI Server and Patching Assistant


Head of Support

Our Head of Support joined Whitebarn in late 2014 and took no time to settle. He has a superb array of hardware and software skills.  Some say he takes apart equipment as quickly as Johnny 5! Away from the Office, he enjoys spending time with his family and always has a project of some sort on the go.

MicrosoftTeams-image (21).png

Support Technician


He joined us in the Autumn of 2022 and quickly settled into the team, showing a natural skill in resolving issues thrown at him.

Away from the office he enjoys gaming and socialising with his friends

Our Whitebarn Bot and Patching assistant helps us minimise your downtime by managing patching and out-of-hours reboots.  We work together to ensure a flawless patching process, meaning your staff dont have to sit around waiting during the day.

Wondering where our names are?  We are security conscious and with the ever growing sophisticated scammers and hackers, we protect our Teams Identity so you cant be fooled by someone trying to impersonate us.

We believe phone spoofing will be highly popular in the future.

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