Whitebarn was established late 1999 to bring high quality IT support to businesses of all sizes and that is exactly where they are today, with a long-term collaboration of clients of all shapes and sizes.  Whitebarn are proud to support domestic clients around the local area, to calls around the globe thanks to our secure encrypted Remote support software.  Our Team of technicians bring a wide-range of skills to the table, ensuring you can be confident that a problem will be dealt with.  


Almost all businesses today rely on their IT infrastructure and most would agree that they should have some support strategy in place.  Contract clients have re-assurance of guaranteed response times and can be confident that emergencies can be dealt with in a quick efficient manner.   

We provide a completely flexible solution. Businesses can choose the level of support they want. That can range from a total handover of their IT operations to Whitebarn, to support for just one PC.


The customer has the choice. 

Quality Support at a Realistic Cost!

Every business is conscious of cost, and none more so than those in the small to medium sized sector. After all, Whitebarn itself is a growing business and understands the financial pressures on similar organisations. From specifying equipment to costing support contracts Whitebarn is always mindful of this. We understand that customers require solutions that are not only workable, but offer excellent value for money. 

IT support is often overlooked or not given the priority it deserves when budgeting. Whitebarn have tailored their charges to make comprehensive support very cost effective, specialising at customer satisfaction. 

Whitebarn provides peace of mind at a realistic cost