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Whitebarn was established in late 1999 to bring high quality IT support to businesses of all sizes and that is exactly where they are today, with a long-term collaboration of clients of all shapes and sizes.  

A large percentage of our clients that helped us grow in the earlier 2000's are still with us today, showing that we have have always provided a service that our clients can rely on and a service that we can be proud of.

Following the retirement of the founders of Whitebarn in 2018/2019, Whitebarn have expanded their portfolio of services. 

We listened to our customers who were extremely keen on us looking after their other services. 

This expansion has enabled us to collaborate even better with our clients, in terms of managing and advising on many different aspects.  From 365 licensing, internet supply and management, cloud based phone system installation and support, mobile and data SIMS to Managed Offsite backup.

However, the key focus of our success is still at the forefront of our service and that is it, the service.  

Ensuring customer satisfaction is always our key goal in every service we offer.

We always look at opportunities to save our clients money, whilst having an infrastructure in place that benefits the client. 

It is these skills that make us stand out from the crowd.

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