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Cloud or Hosted Based Telephone Systems Available

Upgrade, migrate and save money

Whitebarn IT Services - A 3CX Silver Partner - Supplying and Maintaining Telephone Systems for our Customers. 


Having a dedicated IT Service is almost essential for most businesses in the modern world. That’s
why Whitebarn IT Services are providing
this requirement for businesses across the Globe. Our team
of skilled Technicians are on hand for you when
you require support.  We expanded this service 4 years ago,
to cover hosted VoIP systems to get you the best deals and improve your business productivity across the

ISDN? PSTN? Upgrade before its too late

The end of 2024 marks the end of your old Analogue or PSTN lines.  It is imperative you get these lines migrated should you need them.  Contact us for information on how to upgrade.


We can install a fully flexible system, enabling you to make and receive calls
using your office number from your mobile, laptop or PC, making working
away from the Office desk phone easy

          Key Functions......


  • Work from any location

  • Any number of simultaneous calls - you choose

  • Receptionist to divert your call to the right location

  • Day, Night and Holiday Service

  • Voicemail to email

  • Live call statistics

  • Huge Monthly Savings

  • Video Conferencing

  • Call Recording Available

  • Thousands of free minutes

  • Huge range of devices to work from

  • Support from people you trust

Our quotations are designed to meet your requirements, however big or small

Handsets, headsets and soft phones are available

Use your smartphone app to make calls appear from your office, wherever you are

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance, backup checks and a Monitoring System is just
what we have in place to keep your core telephone infrastructure up and running. In the event of an
outage, we will diagnose the issue accordingly and if necessary, we will send a Technician to site.


Quality Assurance

Whitebarn IT Services has specialised in IT for over 24 years with each member of our team bringing
many years’ experience. So you are promised to be in safe hands, whilst receiving quality service
with a smile.

We will strive to improve your Business productivity using the power of IT, whilst delivering
performance and supporting you throughout the years ahead.

Contact us for a free quotation or more information

Call 01376 563959 

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